Nature Mentor

Emily Putz

Nature Activity Presentor

Gabby Lorge

Emily Putz first started working in the field of conservation biology as a Summer Assistant for Nature Saskatchewan while still a student in 2014 and instantly knew that it was the career path for her. She graduated from the University of Regina in 2015 with a degree in biology, with concentration in ecology and environmental biology. Throughout her short career she has had the great opportunity to work with a number of species at risk, including birds such as the Piping Plover, Loggerhead Shrike, and Burrowing Owl, fish (Chestnut Lamprey), insects (Gibson’s Big Sand Tiger Beetle), and a multitude of plant species, and in late 2016 was lucky enough to be hired as a Habitat Stewardship Coordinator for Rare Plant Rescue. Since her initial term as RPR coordinator, she has also coordinated Operation Burrowing Owl, before returning to Rare Plant Rescue in 2019. She lives with her dog and two cats.

Hi! My name is Gabby and I have been working at the Saskatchewan Science Centre since 2019. I started as a Science Educator but in the fall of 2021, I became the Nature Programs Technician. This means I get to take care of all the sweet animals that live at the Centre and run nature related programs! After high school, I went traveling in New Zealand and Australia which is where I discovered my passion for nature. When I came back to Saskatchewan, I wanted to learn more about our beautiful prairie environment and all the creatures that inhabit it. I decided to take an Environmental Reclamation diploma at Medicine Hat College where I got to take part in a ton of STEAM related courses. These courses helped me educate myself in a very hands-on way. Now, my position at the Science Centre allows me to use these skills to teach others which benefits nature in a meaningful way!